Emotions are the most important part of videos and communications.




Art Director

If something seems impossible, it's a good reason for me to do it. Always. I dig around peoples awareness and pull out what's hidden in the deepest parts of their minds. I consider emotions a basis of creation. I'm interested in people.


Creative Director

Once I saved a whole event after my co-worker got arrested by special forces. For real. I don't agree with the current shape of reality. I don't wait for winds of change. I want to be the power behind them. Because I want to live in a better and more interesting reality. And I like people.

We are a creative tandem, we know how to create emotions.

It’s not rocket science. Not for us.


We share years of our knowledge and experience.

For free. Check our case studies.

Short movie

"Everything Is Alright"


Short movie (2019)

"A Better World"



defY.productions isn't just about creating video ads. It's about changing their purpose. We consult in Wrocław, Poland, on Earth and in Deep Space. We can help you sharpen your creation process and create ads that people will fall in love with. Our main goal is to get rid of this shitty status quo that leads to generic and boring ideas.

Sometimes you don't need another contractor. What you need though are fresh minds that will help you ripen your communications and start a creative fire in your team. We're the pyromaniacs.

And if you do need another contractor, you know where to find us. But don't contact us about boring stuff.

Aleksandra Witkowska

My first thought while I need professional film crew in my work is defY.productions. You don't need to constantly watch them and they always add something more to what they do, something unique. Their mail goal is the best effect, not only for client but also for themselves. What they do makes them proud. And they deserved it.


Arnold Hoessler

In aviation industry we only cooperate with professionals, so are the guys from defY.productions. Working with them makes me feel like all safety standards are fulfilled, so I don’t need to worry about effect of their work, even though it’s about video not about engineering, they’re simply the best.




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Important note. If you are afraid of brave ideas and all you want are generic ads...

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